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Birdhouses handcrafted by Hatteras House

Hatteras House products are handcrafted.  Each product is individually made and is a one of a kind. You will see and feel the attention and efforts  we put in each of our products.  We are continually making small  changes to our construction process to improve the quality of our products. Know that you are purchasing our very best. Each product is special to us and leaves our shop only after we believe we have given you the best. Their design and construction techniques are inspired by those found along the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

We realize some of you may have come to our site for information on how to build your own birdhouse. Whether you want to build a simple birdhouse or something more elaborate like a Hatteras House Birdhouse the information here can help you get started.

Some birdhouses are very simple to design and build. Others can be very detailed and complex. If you are new to building a birdhouse maybe you should start with one of the simple designs. If your woodcrafting skills are more developed perhaps build one that is a little more detailed and elaborate. No matter which design you choose you will need various tools and certain materials depending on the design.  You can build your birdhouse from a variety of things such as new boards, old boards, pieces of firewood, boxes, gourds or where ever your imagination carries you. You do not have to be a woodworking expert to build a simple birdhouse and it can be a project the whole family can enjoy,. Sometimes you can find all the materials you need just laying around your home and it can be an inexpensive and fun project.

If done correctly, your birdhouse should be functional, durable and rain proof. Do not forget about cleaning and inspection, so build in easy access to the inside. Your new birdhouse can be a wonderful addition to your yard and you may find a lot of satisfaction in knowing you built it yourself. You will have a front row seat in watching a new family coming to life. Now is as good a time as any to get started.

Before you begin building your birdhouse there are a few key things to remember:


Once you have finished building your birdhouse, remember this: Birdhouses are like real estate...

 Location, Location, Location!

Never place your birdhouse where it will be in direct sunlight all day. It can get very hot inside . That is why white is usually the best color to paint your birdhouse because it reflects heat. Try to position your opening away from the prevailing winds. Never forget there are natural predators outside so keep safety in mind. You may need to install a metal guard on your pole to protect your birds from cats and squirrels or you could even suspend your birdhouse from a wire. Do not place your birdhouses to close together, some birds like their own space and are very territorial so try to give them around ¼ acre per birdhouse.

Building a birdhouse requires a little work and a little know how but it will be well worth your efforts.

If you are ready to begin and just don't know where to start, this is the best birdhouse building guide  I have found. It is really good. There are over 15 world class birdhouse plans that come with step-by-step instructions, detailed photos and all the information you need to get your bird house built in no time.

Now is a good time to get started.

Good Luck,

Don Evans

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